Just Squeak for a Perfect Pet Photo!

Just Squeak for a Perfect Pet Photo!
Just Squeak for a Perfect Pet Photo!
Capturing the perfect doggy-moment just got easier!


Who doesn’t love an impromptu photo shoot with their pooch? We can’t resist snapping photos of our adorable best friends (the proof is in the photo stream), but that doesn’t mean they’re always willing to cooperate! The struggle (distracted dog, ruined picture) is real. Luckily, SqueakNSnap has created a very effective—and adorable—solution. All you have to do is plug the SqueakNSnap ($20) into the headset jack of your smart phone, open up your camera app, and squeeze the teddy bear-shaped squeaker now connected to your phone. The teddy squeaks, getting your dogs attention, and simultaneously causes your camera to take a photo, ensuring that you capture that perfect moment every time. SqueakNSnap is automatically recognized by your phone once you open up your camera app, making this clever device super simple to use. And, if there wasn’t enough to love already, SqueakNSnap also donates a portion of all proceeds to the American Humane Association and Toys for Tots (the SqueakNSnap is great for taking pictures of little kids too!). Time to get snapping! 

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