The Best Fall Finds 2017

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Hiking With Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
When I'm preparing to go on a hike, my canine companions are always at my side, ready for an adventure. While I slip into worn hiking shoes and pack enough water for the trek, my dogs Callisto and Asta watch me with tails wagging, all eager anticipation. more

A Journey Without End

Category: Inspire
The placard on the cage informed me his name was Prince, that he was a year old Border Collie/black Lab cross, and “extremely intelligent.” The look on his face told me he was more bored than anything, but if I took him home, he’d be my best friend and companion. For the next 17 years he was true to his word. more

At-Home Treatments for Canine Skin Conditions

Category: Health
The skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting dogs from everything in the world outside them. The biggest player in guarding against chemicals and the environment is the skin microbiome: the accumulation of bacteria, yeasts, and parasites. We all know the importance of a healthy ecosystem in the gut. Science is now realizing the role of the skin’s ecosystem, revealing that, like gut flora, it’s paramount in preventing allergies, skin disease, and autoimmunity, and protecting against infection and inflammation. more
5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

Category: Dog Life
1) You don't need to suffer through housetraining. For those who have forgotten, puppies are a lot of work. Most senior dogs (dogs are generally considered seniors once they’re over seven years old) aren’t strays; they have been members of someone’s family and, as such, are housetrained and know basic commands. You have an instant friend minus months of training, one who already knows how to walk on lead and won’t chew your shoes. more


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