How Our Readers' Pups are Celebrating National Dog Week!

How Our Readers' Pups are Celebrating National Dog Week!


In honour of National Dog Week, here is how some of our awesome followers' dogs are celebrating the holiday! Let us know in the comments what you are doing to make your dog's week extra special and if you haven't yet, be sure to check out our article on 8 ways to celebrate your pup

1. Walkies obsessed Ollie and Rock are celebrating by exploring the great outdoors!

2. Rescues Mia and Buddy are celebrating by chilling at the pool in their awesome forever home!

3. Previous puppy mill dog Honey is now working hard as a service dog to help keep her owner safe. She is celebrating by remembering how awesome she is!

4. Sweet Maes is celebrating by making sure her favourite toy gets all the snuggles!

5. Tucker, Fynn, Jackson and Oakley are celebrating by hanging with the best of friends!

6. Ellie and Boomer are celebrating by spending even more time together!

7. Despite poor Bentley having lymphoma, he's celebrating by living every day to the fullest!

8. Stanton, Odina and Oakley are celebrating by wearing their most adorable (and stylish) accessories!

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