Are You Ready For Global Pet Expo 2023?

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It’s here! The annual event all pet retailers and distributors look forward to is live and in-person on March 22-24 in Orlando, Florida! Connecting pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, thought leaders, and creative minds, it’s the place to be to find the coolest new products that pet lovers are sure to be raving about. more

Sweet Therapy

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   Brandi & Linda Breuer  Volunteer at: Seniors’ facilities more
Give those paws some TLC!

Pet Talk: Protecting Your Dog’s Paws

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As humans, we know the important role our hands and feet play in completing normal, daily activities. When any kind of injury affects the use of our hands and feet, we may find it very difficult to go about our regular routine. Just as humans depend on their limbs to complete daily activities, Fido’s paws are just as important to him. Running in the backyard, digging a hole for his bone and going for a walk in the park are all endeavors Fido would struggle with if he did not have healthy paws. more
The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

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At first glance, the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog, or Frenchie, as the breed is commonly called, share many similarities, and with good reason—both breeds were created using the English Bulldog. Both are of smaller stature, have distinguishing pricked ears, and charmingly flat faces. more
Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

Dog Gifts for Four-Legged Foodies

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