5 Easy Steps To Help Your Dog Drop The Extra Weight

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Ask an Expert: Jennifer Adolphe, a PhD in companion animal nutrition, registered dietician, and senior nutritionist at Petcurean, tells us how to accurately assess a dog’s weight and offers 5 tips to help your pup drop the extra pounds! We all want our dogs to be healthy, and managing weight is an important part of that. If dogs become overweight, it puts them at greater risk of osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, and pancreatitis. more
Dog Running in the park having fun

Doggone Best Summer Ever!

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1. Camping, but make it hip—and canine inclusive. more
When Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Share the Couch

Dog Training Tip!

Category: Dog Training
It’s been a long work day and you’re finally home. You change clothes and head wearily to the couch to watch your favourite television show. But surprise! Your dog is already there, happily lounging in your spot. You ask him to get down. He doesn’t move. You ask again. Nothing. Finally, you grab his collar. Suddenly, you discover just how white your dog’s teeth are—he’s showing them to you, and if there was a thought-bubble, it would read, “I don’t think so!” What are you to do?  more
Don't Choke Me

Don't Choke Me!

Category: Dog Life
Picture this scenario. You're crossing the street and ahead of you is a man walking his dog. His dog has on a prong collar—a metal collar with fanglike protrusions encircling the neck—and he's straining on his leash. The owner gives a tug and the fangs tighten around the dog's neck, choking him and stopping him short. Once he recovers his breath, he resumes dashing forward. Frustrated, the owner jerks the leash again. The same process plays out over and over, with the dog no more aware of what his owner truly wants from him.   more

Fight Canine Cancer with Mushrooms

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Research in dogs found the polysaccharides in Turkey Tail mushroom extended survival time in dogs with hemangiosarcoma without additional treatment, delaying metastases and improving quality of life.   more


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