Why Puppies and Dog Parks Don’t Mix

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You have a new puppy—congratulations! There are so many things you need to do. You need to feed him healthy meals and treats. You need to get him proper veterinary care. You need to socialize him. You need lots of patience—and paper towels. There are lots of things a new puppy needs to grow up into a healthy, confident adult dog. A visit to the dog park is NOT one of them. more
Make a Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

Make a Birthday Cake for Your Dog!

Category: Dog Life
We all love a cake on our birthday, so why not indulge your dog with a little treat on hers? Banana and honey cakes (baked individually so your dog doesn’t over-do it and can share with her canine friends) are a delectable treat when topped with delicious cream cheese and peanut butter frosting. Go to town with sprinkled carob chips to make your dog’s day extra special. What You'll Need (makes six muffin-sized cakes) more

Why Does My Dog...?

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Q Why Does My Dog Lick Me? more

9 Easy, Expert Tips for Share-worthy Photos of Your Dog!

Category: Inspire
Sometimes what appears to be a roadblock turns out to be a purpose-finding detour. Such is the case with Emily Lim, a baker, and Catherine Li, a photographer, whose plans were derailed when Covid-19 hit. “When Covid first started, we both thought it wouldn’t last years—a couple weeks off school and work and that would be it,” says Li. more
5 Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making

5 Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Category: Dog Training
Are you getting frustrated with your dog training efforts? When you ask your dog to do something, does he bounce around like a crazy creature or just sit there, looking at you with a confused expression on his face? Before you write off your canine best friend’s intelligence, you might want to take a humble look in the mirror. You could be making one of these common training mistakes.   more


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