Counter Surfing

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Q: Our yellow Lab Buddy isn’t a puppy anymore but he still steals food from our kitchen counters when we’re gone. He’ll even do it if we’re home but are in the other room too long! What can we do? more
Hilarious Instagram Account

The Follow: Hilarious Instagram Account Combines Dogs & Food

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‘Dogs In Food’ is the gloriously weird Instagram account that is the obsession of foodies and dog lovers alike. Combining pretty much everyone’s two favourite things, dogs and food, the account has quickly amassed over 700,000 followers who delight in the digitally edited photos that merge, say, a Pomeranian and a corndog, or a Shar Pei and a dumpling. It’s every bit as great/weird/funny/cute as it sounds. But don’t just take our word for it. more
Give those paws some TLC!

Pet Talk: Protecting Your Dog’s Paws

Category: Health
As humans, we know the important role our hands and feet play in completing normal, daily activities. When any kind of injury affects the use of our hands and feet, we may find it very difficult to go about our regular routine. Just as humans depend on their limbs to complete daily activities, Fido’s paws are just as important to him. Running in the backyard, digging a hole for his bone and going for a walk in the park are all endeavors Fido would struggle with if he did not have healthy paws. more

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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You may not have heard of him, but the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is anything but new to the dog scene. His roots are well-established, and his origins are downright romantic.  more
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DIY Eat: No-Bake Treat Recipe for Dogs!

Category: Nutrition
No-Bake Truffles These no-bake truffles for dogs are packed with health enhancing super foods and are ridiculously easy to make. Ingredients 1 cup nut butter with no added salt or sugar (example: peanut butter or almond butter) more


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