Heart Dog Family Teaser

Getting A Puppy After Losing Your Heart Dog

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Finding your heart dog is one of the most profoundly beautiful things you can experience in this lifetime. It’s such an unexpected gift—wrapped in fur and tied with a poop-bag closing bow. Just when you think you have yourself all figured out, a dog finds you, cracks open the hard, real-world exterior you’ve worked so hard to build, and together (without even meaning to) you expose your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. more
Lessons From Your Dog

Lessons From Your Dog

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Fear Free

Fear Free principles - State of the Art and State of the Heart

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“We take the pet out of petrified,” says Dr. Marty Becker, a slogan that has become a rallying cry among enlightened vets.  Dr. Becker has been a veterinarian for almost four decades, a fulfilment of his childhood dream—he wanted to be a vet from the age of six. He’s owned part or all of eight veterinary hospitals in three states and has been known almost his entire career for celebrating, protecting, and nurturing the human-animal bond. more

The Scent of Emotions

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I remember once listening to a lecture delivered by a clinical psychologist about how to cure a person’s fear of dogs (technically called cynophobia). During the question period that followed, a person from the audience asked, “Isn’t treating a fear of dogs complicated by the phobic person’s reaction to dogs? It’s my understanding that dogs can ‘smell fear’ on a person, and the scent triggers an aggressive response in the dog. If so, the individual’s phobia would be strengthened because their fearful scent would generate a hostile response in any dog they encountered.” more

5 Supplements You Should Give Your Dog

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