Dog’s Dying Wish

Mailman Fulfills Dog’s Dying Wish

Category: Inspire
When Gretchen the German Shepherd was rescued by the Cimino family in 2013, they were worried about her wariness of anyone who wasn’t part of the family. But that all changed when postal worker Fernando Barboza started taking the time to make Gretchen feel comfortable.  more
How-to Talk to Animals

How-to Talk to Animals

Category: Inspire
When I was a kid I loved the television show Mr. Ed. It was a show about a horse that could talk. I loved horses and I really loved that Mr. Ed could speak his mind. I also felt a little jealous because I knew I could hear Mr. Ed better than Wilbur. I watched that show every week. I was glued to the television set. Next, I saw the movie Doctor Dolittle and I was really jealous. Why was this man getting all this credit for talking with animals? It wasn’t that hard. To me it felt normal. I wanted my own show. more

Teach Your Dog the Magic “Touch”

Category: Dog Training
Most dog owners understand why it’s important to teach basic behaviours such as sit, lie down, stay, and come. But when it’s suggested to teach a dog touch—otherwise known as targeting—they often look confused. Let me explain. “Touch” is a verbal cue that means you would like your dog to touch something with a part of his body. The most common form of targeting is for a dog to touch his nose to a person’s hand. Why, you might ask, would anyone want to teach that? more
Rescue Relay Teaser

The Amazing Rescue Relay

Category: Travel
When I found myself smitten with Bodie, an Australian Shepherd cross available for adoption on, I was downcast to learn that Heartstrings Animal Advocates (HAA), the rescue organization that had him in their foster care program, was in Kansas, over 1,500 miles away from my northern Nevada home. Since many rescues only adopt pets to homes within a small local radius, I figured I didn't have a chance of getting Bodie. more
At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

Category: Health
Veterinarians across North America use laser therapy daily to speed post-operative healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve arthritic joint pain without drugs. Imagine if you could take advantage of this powerful science in your own home to ease your dog's chronic pain and speed healing! Well, now you can. The medical laser experts at Multi Radiance Medical have introduced a new initiative, Rent My Pet Laser, which allows pet owners to rent their highly effective, safe, and pocket-sized TQ Solo lasers directly and affordably from a veterinarian. more


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