Keep Your Dog and Your Home FLEA-FREE!

Category: Health
Fleas are the bane of many a dog and many a dog owner. Dogs can easily pick up fleas outside and a few fleas can quickly lead to an infestation, causing both you and your dog serious discomfort and even illness. Signs your dog has fleas include black specs in his fur (that would be flea dirt), white specs in his fur (those would be flea eggs—ack!), and scratching and nipping, particularly at the base of the tail. Get a fine-toothed flea comb and comb your dog, concentrating at the neck and tail base, looking through the debris the comb collects. more
Halloween Costumes

10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs This Halloween

Category: Shop
#1 Dracula Dog Costume Dress your dog up as the most iconic, classic Halloween character: Dracula. This costume kit from Zippy Paws includes a too-cute cape, bat ears, and even a coffin chew toy with a squeaker! $18.99, more
How to Introduce Dogs

How to Introduce Dogs

Category: Dog Training
Your average cocktail party has a variety of characters making an appearance. You’ve got the exuberant (some might say pushy) guy who acts like you’re his long-lost cousin, hugging you the second you meet. He spends the rest of the night invading your personal space. There’s the introvert, starting a conversation with the host’s cat rather than talk to any of the other guests. You might find a socialite, perfectly charming, fluttering among the guests like a sparkly vision, but never settling on anyone too long. more
Managing Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Managing Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Category: Health
Hip dysplasia, a condition that results from poor joint and bone health, can significantly alter your dog's quality of life. Though larger breeds like Labrador retrievers, Mastiffs and German Shepherds are especially prone to hip dysplasia, dogs of all ages and breeds can develop the painful condition. more
Experienced Dog People

Breeds Best For Experienced Dog People, Plus Perfect Matches For Newbie Pet Parents

Category: Breeds
“No matter if you’re a new dog owner or someone who has owned dogs your whole life, it’s always important to do your research before adding a dog to your home to make sure that breed’s needs fit in with your lifestyle,” says Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the American Kennel Club (AKC). “Consider size, activity level, grooming needs, and temperament, among other things.” more


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