Don't look!

Don't look!

Category: Health
The skin on Kojak’s leg wasn’t healing the way she wanted,  so Dr. Anemone Andronescu turned to an unusual method to treat the 8-year-old chow-border collie mix: leeches. It sounds like a move pulled straight from medieval times, but leeches are used in modern veterinary medicine, particularly by reconstructive surgeons. And, in Kojak’s case, the little bloodsuckers have been highly effective at decreasing the swelling in his injured leg. more
dog breeds that like water

Splash! 9 Water-Loving Dog Breeds

Category: Breeds
Looking for an enthusiastic Dock Dog partner or a pup that would like nothing more than to join you at the dog beach? Gina DiNardo, American Kennel Club Executive Secretary and expert on all things breed related, gives us her shortlist of the dogs that just can't get enough of the water! 9 Water-Loving Dog Breeds   more
Healthy Kibble Additions Teaser

Healthy Kibble Additions

Category: Nutrition
No matter what species you are, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods is vital for health and longevity. This includes our dogs. Factors that age a human’s cells and cause disease also do the same for dogs, so it’s only natural that your dog will also benefit from eating food that is less processed. more
Dog Noises

What Do These 6 Dog Noises Mean?

Category: Dog Life
It can be super frustrating for both parties when your dog is clearly trying to tell you something, but you just don’t know what it is! Body language can be a large indicator of what your dog is trying to say, but so can the variety of sounds they make. Here are the explanations behind some common dog noises that will help you better understand your best friend. Barking: more
Turn Your Love of Dogs Into A Career

Turn Your Love of Dogs Into A Career

Category: Dog Life
We all love dogs, but have you ever flirted with the idea of working with animals full‑time? From dog walkers to pet photographers and veterinary technicians, thousands of animal lovers have translated their passion for pets into a successful profession. And while these jobs are wildly different, there are some common traits needed in each pet‑focused career: Caring, kindness, discipline and—above all else—patience. Sort of sounds like raising a puppy doesn't it?   more


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