More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Fleas

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Fleas

Category: Health
Q: The other day I found a flea on my dog. Is it at all possible she just has one flea? She sleeps with me in my bed—are there fleas in my bed now? Help! more

Blow: Dogs VS Fans

Category: Dog Life
Is there anything more comically glorious than a dog’s ears and fur flying in the wind?  Ontario-based animal photographer Illona Haus let the fur fly with her photo series, Blow, showcasing dogs in front of fans. Inspiration for the project struck one hot summer day as Illona watched her dog Merrick’s beautiful coat blowing in the breeze of a fan. Thus began the search for the perfect antique fan and the perfect doggy models!  more

How To Make Your Dog Laugh (really)

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Do Dogs Smile? more
How I Met My Dog

How I Met My Dog

Category: Inspire
It was early December when I got the phone call about a Pit Bull whose owner had died of a drug overdose. The caller, a concerned neighbour, had heard I was sympathetic to the breed and that I might be able to help them, being that I am an animal communicator. If the dog didn’t get moved quickly she would be put to sleep. more

Westminster 2022: The Return to Madison Square Garden

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UPDATE: On Deceember 29, 2021 the Westminster Kennel Club released a statement stating they will be postponing the show until later this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Read the full announcement here. --- more


Dog of the Week!

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