How I Met My Dog - Finding Jake

How I Met My Dog - Finding Jake
How I Met My Dog - Finding Jake
Meet Jake!


Two years had passed since my beloved dog, Duffy, had died. It was time to find another best friend.

I called Ramapo Bergen Animal Shelter in Oakland, New Jersey, looking for a wire-haired terrier mix. That was Duffy’s breed. He was a great dog and he didn’t shed. I was told that they had a terrier mix in residence and they were pretty sure he didn’t shed. I took the 40 minute drive to the shelter to meet this dog called “Tucker.” He was around two, medium sized, tri-coloured and looked sort of terrier-like. I took him for a walk, found a grassy spot, and sat down. He climbed onto my lap and placed his furry head on my shoulder. I’m sure that the staff there trained him to do that but it worked. Paperwork was completed and arrangements were made for a required surgery that “Tucker” did not wish to consider or discuss. A few days later, I took the sulking dog home, changed his name to “Jake” and began a new life. He (and I) adjusted beautifully. We had a rough spot about six months in when he made note of his separation anxiety by leaving his mark on all the electronics in the house. Some days I would return from work to find a poetry book, open on the living room floor. I imagined him lounging around in a smoking jacket reading sonnets. We got through those strange times and he emerged the most affectionate, mellow, best-behaved dog I have had the pleasure of loving. Eleven years have passed. He’s getting old, slowing down. So am I. Jake is one of my life’s greatest blessings. Oh, and yes he sheds.

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