The Great Greyhound

The Great Greyhound
Get to know this sweet and gentle champion sprinter capable of immense speed


When witnessed snoozing on the couch, it can be hard to believe you’re looking at the fastest dog breed in the world. But make no mistake, the Greyhound is the cheetah of dogdom, capable of reaching speeds of 45 mph in the first six strides. This breed’s very form is built for speed, with an aerodynamic narrow skull and trademark lean “s” curve physique. The hallmark deep chest and nipped waist have fascinated humanity for centuries. The Greyhound set the standard for coursing hounds.

Despite its athleticism, the Greyhound makes a laid-back companion, largely happy to lounge around the house all day provided regular exercise needs are met, including time to safely run all-out. Lure coursing is an awesome activity to try with Greyhounds. Note that the Greyhound should only be allowed off-leash in a fenced or otherwise secure area as this breed has a hard time resisting the urge to chase and may take off—very quickly.

Described by the AKC standard as “gentle, noble, and independent,” the Greyhound has found legion fans the world over.

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