Get Cozy!

Get Cozy!


In autumn and winter, the weather starts to get more questionable. However, for those of us that love getting cozy, the second half of the year is the perfect time for snuggling up with blankets. These dogs love getting cozy! - ERM


1) Blue

Blue the blue-nosed pitbull curls up under his coziest grey blanket. - Submitted by Lauren R


2) Carl

Carl the Jack Russell/Pit Bull cross is soooo adorable all snuggled up! - Submitted by Jess


3) Bertha

We love Bertha's lovely pink blankets! - Submitted by Stephannie H


4) Maggie

Doggies can get cozy anywhere, like Maggie here! - Submitted by Alison & Mike


5) Mia

We don't think we've ever seen a human being as comfortable as Mia the corgi/pitbull mix! - Submitted by Melissa S


6) Milo

Milo the Boxer isn't kidding around when it comes to being cozy! - Submitted by Janet


7) Oskar

Oskar the Dachshund may envy that his mom gets hot chocolate in cold weather, but he still gets to snuggle up and watch Netflix with her! - Submitted by Tamara


8) Shelby

Speaking of hot chocolate, Shelby has got some ready for her mom on a cold, rainy day! - Submitted by Michelle

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