The Follow: Hilarious Instagram Account Combines Dogs & Food

Hilarious Dog Instagram Account
The Follow: Hilarious Instagram Account Combines Dogs & Food
‘Dogs In Food’ is an Instagram stand out featuring pups Photoshopped into all your favourite foods, from donut holes to lattes


‘Dogs In Food’ is the gloriously weird Instagram account that is the obsession of foodies and dog lovers alike. Combining pretty much everyone’s two favourite things, dogs and food, the account has quickly amassed over 700,000 followers who delight in the digitally edited photos that merge, say, a Pomeranian and a corndog, or a Shar Pei and a dumpling. It’s every bit as great/weird/funny/cute as it sounds. But don’t just take our word for it. Follow along at @dogs_infood.



dogs_infood Saturday activity: baking #pugcookies @livforcake @pugloulou



dogs_infood Did you know there are 10 grams of fiber in one medium sized puppycado? @bertiebertthepom



dogs_infood This puppuccino is extra #frothy



dogs_infood Cinnamon sugar donut pup holes



dogs_infood This rice turned out extra grumpy @owenthegriff

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