Eco-Friendly, Fido-Friendly Fashion

Eco-Friendly, Fido-Friendly Fashion
Designer Pauline Siu brings a fresh, enviornmentally-friendly perspective to fashion


Drawing inspiration from Vancouver’s population of wild squirrels, cat and dog rescue centers, and eco-friendly values, Pauline Siu, designer of the Flora & Fauna fashion collection, has dedicated a new line of products to raising funds for a few local rescues. “Raining Cats and Dogs” features tanks with drawings of her rescued dog and one of her cats, as well as other items like the Shelter Hooded Shrug and the Dog Bless Tee, and a portion of the proceeds go towards the Dog Bless Rescue in Victoria and the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue. Wearing your heart on your sleeve has never been so fashionable! (Be sure to check out the rest of the line as well, with "Stubby Squid" and "Mysterious Moth"!)

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