Dynamic Duos

Piglet and Turtle
Dynamic Duos


Some dogs don't get along, and prefer human companionship instead. But others couldn't be better friends, just like these doubly cute duos!


1) Britney & Billie

Only three months and already best friends!


2) Rico and Lola

These gorgeous German Shepherds, aged 2 and 4, look beautiful here but don't like sharing the bed at home!


3) Bentley and Lexus

These two buddies sure seem like they have some car-loving owners with those names!


4) Copper and Prince

These LA dogs are best buds!


5) Lilly and Rocco

What is cuter than two sibling dogs cuddling together?


6) Titan and Lola

We're loving the flowery backdrop for these two French bulldog beauties!


7) Lennon and Harrison

What striking buddies! Such beautiful colours in their coats.


8) Dexter and Bronson

These brothers are like yin and yang!


9) Arlo and Huey

Well these guys are just too precious for words! Arlo and Huey are miniature dachshunds, only 1 and 3 months old!


10) Piglet and Turtle

According to Piglet and Turtle's owners, their nicknames are Pig and Turd!


11) Edwin and Oliver

Aw, what sweet cuddle buddies!


12) Brutus and Babe

Check out these sweet faces!

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