Dog + Yoga = Doga

Dog + Yoga = Doga
Dog + Yoga = Doga
Rachel Brathen (aka. Yoga Girl) shares tips to incorporate your dog into your yoga practice


Rachel Brathen—aka Yoga Girl, as her 1.4 million Instagram followers know her—shares tips for incorporating your dog into your yoga practice (it's more doable than it sounds!)

Rachel's Tips:

Have your dog lie on or beside you in Savasana (corpse pose). I love Ringo on my chest in Savasana. It’s like the best thing ever, it really is.

Balancing poses: If you have a big dog, use your dog for balance. Have your dog sit next to you and touch your dog, hold her for balance in Tree pose or Dancer’s pose. If you have a small dog balance while picking your dog up.

Try forward fold with your dog in your lap so you’re really cuddling with your dog while you’re getting a stretch. Being really present with your dog, it really increases that intimate connection.

Need another reason to love Rachel? She's all about rescue! Check out her globe-spanning rescue mission @sgtpeppersfriends on Instagram!

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