Dog of the Week Beau in Fight For His Life

Dog of the Week Beau in Fight For His Life
Dog of the Week Beau in Fight For His Life
Beau, a Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix, is gaining national attention.


Over 600,000 dog lovers have signed an online petition with the hope of saving the life of our current Dog of the Week, Beau. He's a 2½-year-old Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix who is currently being held at a kill shelter in Dyershurg, Tennessee.

Beau is being ordered to be put down after city officials claims he killed a duck and nearly attacked a little boy in Dyersburg in September. Beau’s current euthanasia date is tomorrow, Friday, January 30th.

Please visit Beau's website and Facebook page for additional details. Together, let's help bring Beau home. 

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Let this dog go!! Let him go home!
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