Dog Takes Incredible Photos

Dog Takes Incredible Photos
Go-Pro wearing dog captures all the magic of the dog park from a dog's point of view


Ever wondered what life looks like from your dog’s perspective? Tula, a GoPro-wearing Labrador, is here to show you. Susie Kixmoeller, Tula’s 17-year-old human big sister, wanted to capture the happy expressions she witnessed at the dog park, so she strapped a GoPro camera onto Tula’s harness and secured herself—and her growing 14,000 Instagram followers—an insider’s view. The photos caught on and Susie and Tula’s story has not only been picked up by scores of local TV stations throughout North America, but they’ve even been featured in the London Telegraph and London Daily Mail.

Wondering just what you’ll discover through Tula’s lens? In a word: joyousness, plain and simple. Expect plenty of lolling tongues, toothy grins, wide Pit Bull smiles, elated Border Collies, and general legs-akimbo silliness as Tula and her canine pals let loose in their neighbourhood dog park.

The GoPro takes two photographs every second, leaving Susie the arduous task of sifting through thousands of dog photos in order to find the perfect picture. It’s a time-consuming job, but the result is a distillation of everything we love about dogs: their unbridled enthusiasm, total lack of self-consciousness, and heedless abandon when it comes to playtime. There is something undeniably magical about seeing the world from a dog’s point of view, but don’t just take our word for it—follow Tula on Instagram (@caninehappyhour) and see for yourself!

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