Is the Schnauzer or the French Bulldog right for you?

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The Schnauzer Intelligent, loyal, and active, all three Schnauzers are attention getters more
Woman and dog

Cold Weather Skin and Coat Health

Category: Dog Life
In some ways, it’s a lot easier to feel freedom during the winter. The trails are less crowded, and much of nature is fast asleep.   more

Third-grader Invents Revolutionary Dog Dryer

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All dog people are familiar with the trial and tribulations of the dreaded B-word: Bath Time. If wiggling, whining, and water everywhere weren’t enough to make you throw in the towel, next comes attempting to dry off a soaking wet dog. more

No Old Dog Deserves to Die Alone

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Of all the dogs languishing in shelters, the ones that really break our hearts are the oldies—the sweet seniors found as strays or dropped off at animal control when their care becomes too burdensome or costly. Their grey faces and clouded eyes seem to beseech: what have I done to deserve this? Facing reduced adoption prospects, many simply don’t make it out. more
When Dogs Fly

When Dogs Fly

Category: Dog Life
If BASE jumping with a dog doesn't sound like a crazy idea, then nothing does. But this is exactly what 42-year-old American adventurer Dean Potter not only conceived of but actually does with his four-year-old, 22-pound Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper, strapped to his back. more


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