Lack Time? Here's 4 Convenient Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit

Lack Time? Here's 4 Convenient Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit

Category: Health
#1. Bike with your dog. Ideal for dogs that have lots of energy to burn, biking with your dog allows for a lot of exercise in a small amount of time. Although toy breeds won’t be able to keep up, all other fit, healthy dogs that like to run are good biking candidates. (Neither really young dogs nor old dogs need apply.) A bike attachment like the Springer America keeps both dog and rider safe. more
French Bulldog

Say Hello to America's New Top Dog

Category: Breeds
French Bulldog unseats Lab as #1 most popular dog breed in the U.S. There’s a new top dog in town. The lovable Labrador Retriever’s record-breaking reign as America’s favourite has ended. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has announced that the French Bulldog has knocked the Labrador Retriever out of the number one spot, ending a 31-year stay. more
Toys Your Dog Will Love You Like CRAZY For

Toys Your Dog Will Love You Like CRAZY For

Category: Dog Life

Your Summer Inspo

Category: Dog Life
1. Go ahead; give yourself permission to play like a kid. Instead of dodging that sprinkler, why not run through it? more

Deep Love: Remember Your Dog With an Underwater Memorial

Category: Inspire
Hawaii resident Steve Berkoff was scuba diving in the Philippines when he came across a quarter-scale model of a church that had been built by a local diver. The model included a graveyard, and Steve reflected that being buried underwater would be “a great idea.” Almost 20 years later, he formed a Memorial Reef company combining a unique way to remember a loved one with ocean conservation. In 2017, that company would become Memorial Reefs International. more


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