Keep Your Dog and Your Home FLEA-FREE!

Category: Health
Fleas are the bane of many a dog and many a dog owner. Dogs can easily pick up fleas outside and a few fleas can quickly lead to an infestation, causing both you and your dog serious discomfort and even illness. Signs your dog has fleas include black specs in his fur (that would be flea dirt), white specs in his fur (those would be flea eggs—ack!), and scratching and nipping, particularly at the base of the tail. Get a fine-toothed flea comb and comb your dog, concentrating at the neck and tail base, looking through the debris the comb collects. more
Why Dogs Have Tails

Why Dogs Have Tails

Category: Dog Life
Ever wonder why your dog has a tail? It turns out there are many good reasons! more
Smell Power!

8 Fun Scent Games Your Dog Will Love

Category: Dog Training
How to Bike With Your Dog

How to Bike With Your Dog—No Matter What Size!

Category: Play
Cool accessories that let you bring your dog—big or small—along for the ride   more
Puppy Party

DIY Craft: How to Throw a Puppy Party

Category: Play
Have a special birthday coming up? Want to celebrate a special holiday with your pooch by your side? Need an excuse to drink champagne before midday? Time to throw a puppy party! You can even use the dog cake recipe to make a masterpiece. The great thing about a dog lover’s meet up is you get to meet likeminded people and your pup gets to play with other doggos to their heart’s content. more


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