Barkin’ For A Cure

Barkin’ For A Cure

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Anyone who has had a dog knows that they are more than just a pet; they’re family. They grow up with us, accompany us on our travels (whether the Home Depot or farther afield), and share our homes and everyday experiences. Unfortunately, they are also at risk of developing many of the same illnesses we are, with cancer being one of the most common. In fact, more than one million companion dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year. more
Add Some Rescue Dog Cuteness To Your Insta Feed!

Add Some Rescue Dog Cuteness To Your Insta Feed!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to adopt three large rescue dogs while living in the heart of the city? Boston-based Jenna Donleavy is living it, and documents the inevitable hilarity and chaos on her Instagram account, @Knox_and_Bear. These pups know exactly how to have a good time and be totally adorable while doing so! Whether it's birthday parties, Vermont getaways, bathing or simply snoozing, Jenna and her packs' adventurous spirit shines through. more

To the Rescue: The Dogs of Sea Tow

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Picture this: you’re on the water and encounter a problem. You’ve run aground or perhaps you’re out of fuel. The waves are getting larger. And then—help approaches. Who loves their job? These dogs do! more

Could Your Dog Benefit from CBD?

Category: Health
From dinner parties to the dog park and progressive vet offices, there’s a reason you keep hearing about CBD. Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly called, is a hemp derivative that is non-psychoactive, meaning that, unlike THC, it won’t get you or your dog high. CBD is now legal in both Canada (Health Canada recently approved a clinical trial to research the use of cannabidiol to treat animal anxiety) and the US, where it is federally legal, though some states put restrictions on buyers. more
American Humane Association Partners with Modern Dog

Love Animals As Much As We Do?

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Love animals as much as we do? Subscribe to Modern Dog for yourself or a friend today and we'll donate $6 to American Humane Association on your behalf. more


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