Why Growling is Good

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Imagine this: You’re in line at the grocery store. The man behind you is standing very close, and you become uncomfortable. He inches up to where he’s practically touching you. There’s a woman in front of you, and the aisles are narrow. You have no space to move away. What would you do? Most people would turn around and say, “Excuse me” or something similar. But now imagine that your ability to speak was gone. more

The Stray

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train deaf dog

TikTok Video of Dog-Dad Waking up his Blind and Deaf Pup Wins Hearts Across the Internet

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Food Allergy

Does My Dog Have a Food Allergy?

Category: Health
Dry itchy skin, chronic skin problems, ear infection, excessive scratching or licking, bald patches, hot spots, ear infections, diarrhea, gas, and/or vomiting—if your dog experiences an ongoing issue with any combo of these, there’s a good chance food allergies are at play. Here’s what to do about it.  more

5 Signs Your Dog Has an ACL Injury

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Football, hockey and soccer players are not the only ones to get sidelined due to knee problems. Just like athletes, dogs can end up with a cruciate ligament injury. In fact, cruciate damage is the second most common orthopedic condition found in dogs after hip dysplasia, and is the most frequently operated orthopedic condition in our canine friends.  more


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