Tomorrow There Will Be Sunshine

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With the exception of a couple stopovers at Newark Airport, I’ve not spent significant time in New Jersey. Despite this, there’s one thing I know about those who call the Garden State home: they love their Bruce Springsteen. And who could blame them? This is the guy who, while staying rooted on the Jersey Shore, manages to give wings to the American Dream. No small task in a year like the one we’ve just endured. more
dog week

How To Celebrate National Dog Week!

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It’s National Dog week, the perfect time to spoil your pup (as if we don’t every day already!) and a great time to help out dogs in need. Check out our list of 8 awesome ways to celebrate your dog this week and get started on improving the lives of those in need: 1. Spoil your canine friend with the coolest squeak, tug and chew toys! Check out the awesome play items in our shop and let the fun begin! more
Look What We Found

Look What We Found

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Add some attention-getting fun to your dog's look! Snap-In's huge range of super-cute, handmade dog bows and collar additions snap on, making them super-easy to attach and switch up (from $5).   more
Cold Weather Gear Guide

The Cold Weather Gear Guide

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Foster Kindness — Foster a Dog!

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If a homeless animal had a best friend, it would probably look a lot like Betsy Banks Saul. Betsy has saved tens of millions of pets’ lives—yes, you read that right—through the ground-breaking rescue website she founded, The site allows would-be adopters to search out adoptable pets in their area from groups and shelters across North America. Along the way, she changed both public perception of rescue animals and how people adopt pets. Now she aims to do the same for foster animals. more


Dog of the Week!

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