Mine! How to Deal With a Dog That Guards

Category: Dog Training
Your precious angel just growled at you for the first time. He snagged a sock from your laundry pile and dashed under the bed. You reached under to get it and he growled. You reached again, and he snapped at you! He didn’t bite, but it’s clear he thinks the sock is a prize worth holding onto. Your dog is resource guarding. Some dogs guard their food bowls. Some guard bones or toys. Some even guard crazy things, like rocks. On occasion, they will guard a person. Some dogs only get cranky with other dogs.  more
12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

12 Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs

Category: Dog Life
Despite our love of dogs, we humans sometimes do things that annoy the heck out of them. Though almost always unintentional, these things can nevertheless be irritating or even detrimental.  Just as many dogs don’t initially grasp that certain canine behaviours might annoy us—sniffing a person in a private spot or jumping up on strangers come to mind—we too make gaffes that can worry, annoy or even anger our dogs. more

Healthy Paws

Category: Health
1. Happy Joints more
Heart Dog Family Teaser

Getting A Puppy After Losing Your Heart Dog

Category: Inspire
Finding your heart dog is one of the most profoundly beautiful things you can experience in this lifetime. It’s such an unexpected gift—wrapped in fur and tied with a poop-bag closing bow. Just when you think you have yourself all figured out, a dog finds you, cracks open the hard, real-world exterior you’ve worked so hard to build, and together (without even meaning to) you expose your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. more
The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Category: Breeds
At first glance, the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog, or Frenchie, as the breed is commonly called, share many similarities, and with good reason—both breeds were created using the English Bulldog. Both are of smaller stature, have distinguishing pricked ears, and charmingly flat faces. more


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