D.I.Y. Craft - Pawprint Slippers

D.I.Y. Craft - Pawprint Slippers
Make your own felted wool slippers–complete with pawprint appliqué, of course


Pawprint Slippers

These slippers are easy to make and fun to wear. For a variation, embroider the pawprint shape on each slipper instead of using appliqué. Be sure to complete any embroidery or appliqué on the upper part of the slipper before you sew it in place, remembering to leave at least 3/8˝ (1 cm) free around the edge for the seams. 


Medium: to fit women’s sizes 61/2–71/2. Trace and cut slightly larger/smaller for bigger/smaller shoe sizes.
Sole & Upper These templates are 25 percent of actual size; enlarge to 400 percent on a photocopier for correct size.
Pawprint Enlarge to 400 percent on a photocopier for a template for the main circle. Enlarge to 150 percent on a photocopier for small circles.
*For an already-to-size downloadable template, go to moderndogmagazine.com/pawprintslipper


5 pieces of dark gray felt, each 113/4˝ (30 cm) by 91/4˝ (23.5 cm)
Piece of light gray felt, 113/4˝ (30 cm) by 91/4˝ (23.5 cm), and matching sewing thread
1 skein (11 yd/10 m) of tapestry wool needlepoint yarn in dark gray
Pair of inner soles (size 61/2 -71/2)


To Make Slippers

Cutting Out

Using template A (or using the inner soles as a template and adding 3/8˝/1 cm around), cut two pairs of soles from the dark gray felt. (Each sole is a double layer of felt.)
Using template B, cut two uppers in dark gray felt.
Using template C, cut one large circle and four small circles for each shoe from light gray felt.


Pin felt circles to each upper as shown in photo to make a pawprint shape. Then stitch in place using short, straight stitches and matching thread, as shown.


Easing in fullness around toes, baste each upper to one layer of felt for each slipper. Place each inner sole between the two layers of the felt for each slipper.

Using a single strand of dark gray yarn, sew the upper to the double-layered sole, and then stitch around the back part of each sole to complete. Remove basting.

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