Delta Loses Dog

Delta Loses Dog
Airline offers $200 compensation for the dog that never arrived


Moving or traveling with a dog is always a stressful situation, with limited options, especially if your dog is not a small breed. The risks of air travel with live animals has been well-documented (click here for more on that, plus some helpful travel tips), but it’s hard to imagine the actual emotional impact (not to mention financial) of arriving at your destination, waiting at the baggage claim, and your dog simply not being there.

That nightmarish situation happened to Josiah Allen, who found and adopted a stray dog in Mexico. He had the dog checked out by a veterinarian, had him caught up on his shots, named him Paco, and decided to take him home.

The problem was, when he got home, the dog did not arrive, and Delta airlines informed him that Paco would arrive the next day. He didn’t.

The new story was that Paco had escaped his carrier, and other than $200 and an apology, Delta has not taken responsibility for the loss at all.

It’s a nightmare that dog lovers cannot imagine. Allen has no idea where Paco is, if he’s alive, lost, stolen, or starving in a cargo hold somewhere. It’s been over a week and no one has found Paco.

It’s such a shame that Paco finally found a loving home, but he’ll never actually get to see it.

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