A Custom Diet For Your Dog

A Custom Diet For Your Dog
A Custom Diet For Your Dog
Breed & health specific food from Top Dog Dinners


How cool is this? You can now order up wholesome, fresh, natural, & organic dog food, customized to your dog's specific needs.

New York-based Top Dog Dinners makes each of their clients a unique recipe based on 16 characteristics, including size, age, breed, health concerns, allergies, mood, coat condition, and energy levels. The food is prepared with 25 to 30 fresh, wholesome, human-grade, USA-sourced ingredients that contain no byproducts, “meals,” nor anything artificial, and is delivered to your home. Now I’m sure you’re asking: Sounds amazing, but how much does this cost? Here are some examples for recent custom orders placed: a week’s worth of food for a seven-pound Yorkie—$16; a 70-pound German Shepherd—$37 a week. Get started customizing a diet for your dog at topdogdinners.com.

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