Congratulations Elle: 2013 American Hero Dog

Elle: American Hero Dog
Congratulations Elle: 2013 American Hero Dog


Therapy dog Elle, a Pit Bull, has been named the 2013 American Hero Dog! She works with her human companion Leah Brewer helping to teach children about dog safety, reading, and overcoming prejudice and stereotypes.

This multi-talented dog teaches children about pet safety, and helps them overcome their fear of dogs, especially the fear of misunderstood dogs like Pit Bulls. She also has a reading program called "Tail Wagging Tales," that encourages reading and the enjoyment of books. 

The event on October 5th was a great success and highlighted some of the best and most courageous dogs out there today. From dogs who daily work to make the better world a better place, like Elle, to dogs who acted on instinct to do something truly heroic and exceptional.

The television broadcast will air on the Hallmark Channel, October 30.

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