Celebrate National Cupcake Day!

Cupcakes for a Cause
Celebrate National Cupcake Day!
Bake (and eat) cupcakes to help dogs in need!


Bake (and eat!) cupcakes and fight animal cruelty!

Love dogs AND cupcakes? Get involved in National Cupcake Day, the sweestest event of the year! Dog lovers can help save the lives of animals in their communities simply by baking cupcakes and giving them away in exchange for a donation.

National Cupcake Day is cross-Canada event presented by the BC SPCA, the Ontario SPCA ,and participating humane societies. This year, Cupcake Day falls on Monday, February 27, 2017 (the last Monday of February), but animal lovers and bakers are encouraged to fundraise throughout January and February.

Kristina Matisic, National Cupcake Day spokesperson and cupcake crusader is "excited to test out some new cupcake recipes and decorating techniques this year,” she says. "What I love about this event is that it’s super easy to get involved and cupcakes are simple to make. Plus, who can say no to a delicious cupcake, especially when it’s for such a great cause?”

Last year, Canadians raised more than $615,000 through their baking and fundraising efforts. Since the campaign’s inception in 2013, $1.85 million has been raised, with proceeds going to participating SPCAs and Humane Societies across the country. 

Sign up at nationalcupcakeday.ca! 

And find a delish cupcake recipe and how-to for making your cupcakes that look like the adorable dog-faced cupcakes pictured above here!


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