Can Anxiety Be Trained Out Of A Dog?

Can Anxiety Be Trained Out Of A Dog?
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Dear Dog Lady,
I visited my area animal shelter today and noticed a beautiful one-year-old female Springer Spaniel mix for adoption. She was a stray and she is rooming with another stray with whom she gets along. When I played with her in a private room, she jumped on the glass, whining and barking for the animal shelter attendant. She acknowledged me by jumping on me (not in a vicious way, but for attention; she does give kisses). More than anything else, she seems anxious, hyperactive—fast-paced and panting without relief.

I have owned dogs in the past, my first dog for 17 years, my second for 10 years, my third for 15 years. It has been five years since my last dog died. It has been two years since my 22-yearold cat died, and I am ready to adopt another animal(s), probably one or two dogs and a cat or two. I would love it if you could recommend what my thinking should be about whether or not to adopt this darling dog who will definitely need training. Key question: Can anxiety be trained out of a dog?
—Sherry, Boston, MA

Sherry, Dog lady is not you. Only you can gauge the chemistry between you and the Springer mix. Dog lady, however, is a compulsive sort. leaping off the cliff, she yells merrily, “Go for it!” Adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful thing.

You love dogs. Nay, you love pets. And you’ve been missing a darling for two years now. Why deprive yourself any longer? This dear Springer needs to be sprung. you must have a loving home. you definitely have a kind attitude. Sure, it will be a lot of work. you’ll have to get back into the swing of walking and training. you’ll probably have to purchase a crate and a whole crate-load of liver chunks to bribe, seduce, and befriend your new furry companion.

Yes, anxiety can be eased from a dog through your own calm and peaceful demeanor. Get a Kong toy from a pet store to give to your Springer when you leave the house. Walk away her blues— and yours too. A year from now, you won’t even remember this angst. Begin the adventure. you know in your heart it will all be worth it.

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