Broadway Actress Sponsors A Beautiful Golden Lab Puppy to Be a Guide Dog

Charleene Closshey and Evie Lee
Broadway Actress Sponsors A Beautiful Golden Lab Puppy to Be a Guide Dog
Charleene Closshey sponsoring guide dog Evie Lee


Broadway actress Charleene Closshey, known for her roles in "Once" and "Feather: A Musical Portrait," has a yearly tradition of stepping forward to sponsor a cause that impacts lives. In the past, she has supported domestic violence shelters and education, rescue animals, cancer research, literacy, among others.  This year, she has chosen to focus on sponsoring the selection, training and placement of a guide dog through the Southeastern Guide Dogs Foundation based in her home state of Florida.

On November 4, Charleene and the sponosored puppy met for the first time!The future guide dog is a female olden Labrador puppy, which appropriately has been named Evie Lee in honor of Charleene's character in her latest film, "An Evergreen Christmas.” 

This type of story is just the kind that reminds us what the spirit of giving is really all about.

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it is very kind behavior to the pets.
Sun, 12/21/2014 - 10:01
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I suggest, if you are trying to be dog knowledgeable, you learn your breeds better. In the article Celeb sponsors....Guide Dog, you refer to the dog as a "golden" lab. AKC's website will show you there is no such color. What you mean to say is a "Yellow Lab". Labs come in three colors - Black, Yellow & Chocolate with the "fox red" being a chocolate.
Wed, 01/07/2015 - 10:34

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