DNA Test Reveals Breed Mix

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Cass, the marvellous mutt pictured above, and her person, Gabrielle Khan-Chiossone, were the winners of an Embark DNA testing kit (our Facebook Friday Freebies are AWESOME). Gabrielle provided a cheek swab from her dog Cass and we all sat back and eagerly awaited the results. Not only does the Embark DNA test indicate any genetic predispositions to certain diseases, letting you know if your dog is at risk, a carrier or clear, but it reveals the breeds that make up your dog's unique mix! Without further ado, Cass is…. more

Tiny Dog Stories—Fall 2021

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Canine Social Director Until our Rat Terrier, Cali, adopted us three years ago, I’d never realized that I knew almost no one in our neighborhood. Cali never met anyone she didn’t like and she has introduced me to all of them on our daily walks. more
DIY Paw Pad Protector

DIY Paw Pad Protector

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Your dog’s paws and nose can become dry and cracked when exposed to the elements. Apply this wax salve to the bottom of your dog’s paw pads or on her nose to soothe the dryness. The oils will be absorbed into the pad to create a layer of protection. 2 tbsp. natural beeswax (can purchase from craft store) 2 tbsp. olive or coconut oil 5 drops vitamin E (for extra protection) Melt the beeswax in a double boiler on the stove or, if using a microwave, in a shallow pan atop a water bath. Add oil when fully melted. more
Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

Poop Bags You Can Feel Good About!

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We all know it’s important to pick up after our dogs. Un-scooped dog poop has been found to have a major impact on water contamination and the spread of bacteria into ground water supplies. Yuck, right? But what you use to pick up your dog’s poop is almost as important as scooping in the first place. If you use a regular plastic bag, that bag will outlive you. more

DIY Eat: Hide that pill!

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