Winston the Pug

Pug Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Winston, a two-and-a-half-year-old Pug who lives with his family in North Carolina, tested positive for COVID-19 the last week of April. Winston is believed to be the first dog to test positive for COVID-19 in the United States. His family became sick with COVID-19 in March and then began participating in the Duke University study about the virus to help researchers develop vaccines and treatments for the virus. The family’s participation in the study is what led to their dog Winston being tested.  more
best dog food delivery

The Disruptors

Category: Nutrition
When Alex Jarrell’s Australian Shepherd Harlee became ill with a weakened immune system, Alex tried just about every kind of traditional medical treatment to make her beloved pup well again, with little success. Finally, her veterinarian suggested trying a fresh food diet, balanced by a veterinary nutritionist. Alex was astounded when she saw Harlee’s condition drastically improve. more
If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

Category: Health
Is This One Thing The Key To Extending Your Dog's Lifespan? Is your dog trying to tell you something? According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the top veterinarians in the world, many dogs are at risk of serious health issues… but their owners may be missing the warning signs. more
How to Spice Up Your Dog Walks

How to Spice Up Your Dog Walks

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Dogs, like people, can get bored by the same old round‑the‑block routine. Keep your walk-time fresh and interesting by mixing it up a bit. Think new sights, new smells, new friends. Here are some fresh takes on the walk to keep it exciting.   1. Socialize Stop and talk to strangers who are also walking their dogs and ask if your dogs can socialize a bit. If their dogs (and yours) are friendly, this is a great socialization opportunity. more
Fetch Great Style That Helps Rescue Dogs

Fetch Great Style That Helps Rescue Dogs

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Would you like to support animal rescues but aren’t sure where to start? Why not start by updating your personal style? Ok, you’re probably wondering how that relates to helping animals in need, but with Fetch Eyewear it's one hundred percent possible. Why? Because they create super stylish prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses and donate 100 percent (yes 100 percent!) of net profits to animal rescues!  more


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