How Smart is Your Dog?

How Smart is Your Dog?

Category: Health
You only go to the vet maybe once a year for those regular check-ups and booster shots, but, sure enough, whenever you get within five blocks of the vet's office, your dog starts whining, panting, and looking anxious. Does she really remember from year to year the exact route you drive to get there? more
How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

Category: Dog Training
There was a note of puzzlement and concern in the voice of a woman who lives in my neighborhood when she told me, "I was out for a leisurely stroll with my Poodle, Maxime, when a gray squirrel ran across a nearby lawn. Without any warning, Maxime dashed after it, hitting the end of the leash with such force that he nearly knocked me over. Then he dragged me after the squirrel until it escaped up a tree. I don't understand what triggered that behaviour in him. more

Water Babies

Category: Dog Life
Photos submitted by Modern Dog readers! Also seen in our Modern Dog Summer 2017 Issue.   Snoopy submitted by Christine Cyr   more
Open Farm Review

Open Farm Review: Setting the bar for what fresh, quality pet food looks like

Category: Nutrition
“You are what you eat” does not only apply to humans but also our pets! You may have heard of Open Farm: they produce pet food made with fresh, high quality ingredients that are sourced from audited farms. With their commitment to strict, sustainable, and ethical practices, this translates to a better food for your pet and the proof is in their recipes. Some highlights below. Defining what quality pet food looks like at Open Farm more
Titer Testing

Worried about vaccines?

Category: Health
Patti Thomas had no reason to believe that her one-year-old Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix, Jasper, wasn’t healthy.  She was doing all the right things. He’d had an updated vaccine in November 2014. Shortly afterwards, the Rumford, ME resident noticed that Jasper was passing dark urine. Always cautious, Patti called the vet, who took a urine sample.  more


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