Camp Canine

Category: Dog Life
Alysa Slay loved going to “sleep-away camp” as a kid. She even worked as a staff member at an overnight camp once her days as a regular camper were over. “I am just a big camp person,” she chuckles. “There’s something about the environment that’s so special, where you can try things you don’t normally get to do at home. There’s also the aspect of making friends and memories that last a lifetime—what’s not to love?” more

Part-Time Dog Sitters

Category: Dog Life
Despite remote work and a kibosh on travel, pet sitting during the pandemic didn’t completely ‘go to the dogs.” And now, by all accounts, part-time dog sitters are getting even busier. Newly dog-less and with time on my hands, I decided to test the waters. My beautiful dog Lizzy had been with me 15 years when she passed away. I wasn’t ready to get a new pup—but I missed canine companionship. Lizzy had a lot of friends so I offered to dog sit. more
How to Bike With Your Dog

How to Bike With Your Dog—No Matter What Size!

Category: Play
Cool accessories that let you bring your dog—big or small—along for the ride   more

Destructive Chewing

Category: Dog Training
Q: My six-month-old Weimaraner puppy is a holy terror, destroying EVERYTHING. She's even chewed the couch and the edge of the stairs. She destroys anything she can get her paws on whether we're home or not. What can I do about this? Please help!  more
Global 2019

We're going to Global Pet Expo 2019!

Category: NewsBite
We've packed our bags and are on our way to Orlando for Global Pet Expo 2019! If you're attending the show make sure to check out these Modern Dog approved Global Pet Expo exhibitors for the latest and greatest products on the market. Stop by their booth, say hi, and grab a complimentary copy of Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine!             more


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