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If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

Category: Nutrition
If you have dogs, this could be relevant to you. According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the world's top veterinarians, "canine health, here in America and around the world, is nowhere near where it should be," says Dr. Richter. "And the #1 cause is one thing: Nutrition." According to Richter, some breeds — such as Golden Retrievers — have seen their average lifespans cut nearly in half over the past 30 years. more
Doggy Bathroom

The Doggy Bathroom: Revolutionizing How Pets Use Pee Pads

Category: Dog Life
When Alain Courchesne adopted an 11-week-old male Italian greyhound, Sterling O’Brien, he admitted he officially became a dog dad. Sterling was successfully trained to use pee pads as well as to go to the bathroom on outdoor walks. As Sterling outgrew the indoor pee pads however and learnt to lift his leg, this result in unfortunate accidental messes all over the floor (and himself). Courchesne said he could tell Sterling was struggling, and it broke his heart. more
Bring Your Dog to Work!

Bring Your Dog to Work!

Category: Dog Life
Dottie, Sadie, Milo, Pierre: these are just a few of the friendly faces who will greet you at Etsy’s corporate headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. No, they’re not data analysts, digital marketing specialists, or support representatives; they’re valued members of what the e-commerce website—which helps 30 million users around the world buy and sell handmade and vintage wares online—calls its “canine operations team.” That’s right, they’re dogs. more

Secret Dog Menus

Category: Dog Life
 Off-menu combos and limited-time additions (think the Starbucks’ brightly coloured Unicorn Frappuccino craze) have been taking the restaurant world by storm lately. But did you know that some spots have yummy, unpublicized treats just for four-legged patrons? Just think of the fun—and the photo ops just made for Instagram sharing!   more
Adopt a dog

Should You Adopt a Dog Right Now? 

Category: Inspire
Larissa Wohl, best known for her pet-parent and adoption segments on the Hallmark Channel’s morning show Home & Family and “Adoption Ever After” initiative, has become a go-to animal expert as a news anchor, field reporter, and journalist. To date, Larissa has helped more than 2,000 animals find their forever families and has become a voice for animals. Throughout her reporting, Larissa has uncovered a local animal dumping ground in Arizona, introduced the world to issues plaguing Central California shelters, and highlighted the importance of helping senior dogs in San Diego. more


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