CBD for Your Dog

The Benefits of CBD for Your Dog

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If you follow any wellness conversations, you’ve no doubt heard the miraculous stories around CBD oil: dogs with cancer granted a new lease on life; seizures (in dogs and in people) controlled when all other forms of conventional medication failed; anxiety quelled; pain controlled; appetites rekindled. Even Martha Stewart’s French Bulldog partakes, reports the New York Times. In fact, she’s launching her own CBD line in conjunction with Snoop Dog. more

Keep Your Dog and Your Home FLEA-FREE!

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Fleas are the bane of many a dog and many a dog owner. Dogs can easily pick up fleas outside and a few fleas can quickly lead to an infestation, causing both you and your dog serious discomfort and even illness. Signs your dog has fleas include black specs in his fur (that would be flea dirt), white specs in his fur (those would be flea eggs—ack!), and scratching and nipping, particularly at the base of the tail. Get a fine-toothed flea comb and comb your dog, concentrating at the neck and tail base, looking through the debris the comb collects. more

Dog Decoder

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Types of Barks: 1. Sound the alarm - A rapid string of two to four barks with pauses between is the most common form of barking. It means, roughly, “There’s something going on that should be checked out.” Continuous barking at a lower pitch and slower suggests the dog senses an imminent problem. It means “Danger is very close. Get ready to defend yourself!” more
Pumpkin Ice Cream for Dogs!

Pumpkin Ice Cream for Dogs!

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To help your dog keep cool this summer, try this “ice cream” recipe for dogs! Note: this is a treat best served outdoors, as it can be kind of messy if your dog noses it across the floor while licking away! It’s also a great treat for stuffing in a Kong before freezing. For older dogs with sensitive mouths, allow the frozen cubes to thaw for a few minutes before feeding. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of water 2 chicken livers more
Smiles Guaranteed

Smiles Guaranteed!

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    Free kisses! more


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