Is the Dachshund or the Greyhound the Right Breed for You?

Is the Dachshund or the Greyhound the Right Breed for You?

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The Dachshund The wonderful "wiener dog" No doubt about it: the Dachshund, with its sausage body, stubby legs, and waving tail, is probably the world's most recognizable breed. But make no mistake—though short of stature this breed has a big personality. more
Take Your Dog to Work Day

Want to Bring Your Dog to Work?

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Live the dream: take your dog to work on Friday, June 21, this year’s official Take Your Dog To Work Day! Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day here at Modern Dog magazine so we’ve definitely got the intel for making a success of your dog’s foray into the workforce! more

Lawn Chemicals Linked To Two Cancers

Category: Health
A gorgeous green lawn is irresistible, particularly to pets. But is it harming your dog? A study by the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Purdue University compared environmental exposure histories of two groups of 83 Scottish Terriers and found that the dogs exposed to lawns treated with common garden and lawn pesticides and herbicides were seven times more likely to develop bladder cancer. more

This Mastiff Was Rescued from the Dog Meat Trade

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At first glance, Gillian is just like any other companion dog—joyful, affectionate, and always accompanied by a wagging tail. She’s tall and broadchested—a Mastiff trait—has soulful eyes, and a gentle mouth that gives the softest kisses. She loves to run, wrestle with other dogs from her pack, sunbathe on the deck, and ponder life’s complexities (or so we like to think) over chew bones. Her fur-bestie is a Cane Corso puppy named Daphne. more

There Are Going To Be Dogs in the White House Again—And One Is a Rescue!

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This January we'll see dogs once again return to the White House—and one is a rescue! Major, Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, will be the first shelter dog to reside at the White House.  more


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