Destructive Chewing

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Q: My six-month-old Weimaraner puppy is a holy terror, destroying EVERYTHING. She's even chewed the couch and the edge of the stairs. She destroys anything she can get her paws on whether we're home or not. What can I do about this? Please help!  more
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Dogs and Children: Healthier in Homes With Dogs

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Know Your Breeds: Meet the Pumi!

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The adorable Pumi is a medium-sized, agile dog from Hungary, bred to gather, drive, and keep livestock under control. A member of the Herding group, the breed is intelligent, quick to learn, and extremely willing to work. These very alert, energetic dogs require daily exercise and mental stimulation and do best with an active family. more

Now Available: Giggles, Kisses, & Itch Free Cuddles!

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In partnership with Petknowledgy   Taking care of your pet’s health essentials has never been easier or more fun! From flea and tick prevention to dog biscuit treats, Petknowledgy can deliver it all right to your door. more
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