A Bond Like No Other

A Bond Like No Other

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It is 3 a.m. Deborah Groenheyde sleeps fitfully, missing her dogs, Moka and Java. She and her husband adopted the adorable mutts, both tan-coloured with a splash of white, when they were just seven-and-a-half weeks old. A lovable brother and sister pair, Deborah is temporarily separated from them, and their absence weighs heavily upon her heart. more
best dog breeder near me

Are You Looking for The "Best Dog Breeder Near Me"?

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Have you been on the the lookout for the best dog breeder near me? Before you pick a dog breeder read this first! Your co-worker tells you about the puppy she's getting and inwardly you cringe—you're pretty sure that the pup is not coming from a responsible breeder. But how do you know for sure? And what should you tell your friends, family, and co-workers to look out for?  more

Should You Be Worried About Worms? Read On To Find Out!

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What are roundworms? Roundworms are the most common intestinal parasite in dogs and cats. The adult worms are round and range in size from less than two inches to almost six inches in length (!!). According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, a survey conducted in 1996 using samples collected from across the United States found that more than 30 percent of dogs younger than six months of age were shedding roundworm eggs and other studies have shown that virtually all pups are born infected. Other surveys have found more than 25 percent of cats infected.   more

One Heart, One Love

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We, like the rest of the world, are heart-sick and horrified by the events of the past week. If you’d like to help but don’t know where to start, this list put together by The Skimm is a great place to start. more
Best CBD Dog Treats for Pain & Anxiety

Best CBD Dog Treats for Pain & Anxiety: Top Hemp Brands (2021 Review)

Category: Health
Featured photo Aleksandr Kravtsov/ In Partnership with Buzz PR   There’s an evident demand for high-quality CBD products for dogs. In the last few years, CBD has garnered a lot of attention thanks to its therapeutic versatility and potential medicinal applications. more


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