Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Does Your Dog Need a Behavioural Chill Pill?

Category: Dog Training
Is your dog overly exuberant during play? Does he turn into a non-stop jumping bean when you come home? Could you sometimes swear that he’s learned to levitate? If so, your dog may be suffering from ODS: Over-exuberant Dog Syndrome. Okay, I’m kidding about it being an actual syndrome but for owners it certainly can seem like a serious affliction. Let’s talk about what might cause this all-too-common condition and what you can do to get a handle on it. more

Can You Tell The Difference?

Category: Breeds
The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular toy dogs of all time, and with good reason—this merry charmer is renowned as one of the most affectionate, family-friendly breeds. But what about the Shih Tzu’s lesser known cousin, the Lhasa Apso? more

Say Goodbye to That Slimy Layer in Your Dog’s Water Bowl!

Category: Dog Life
Hate scrubbing away that bacteria-ridden layer of slime that forms in the bottom of your dog’s water dish? We’ve found the solution: CuBowl, a new company founded by a former microbiology grad student makes naturally antimicrobial copper-plated pet bowls! more
Apps You Need for Your Dog

Apps You Need for Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
Your Dog’s Complete Vet Records at your Fingertips! more
Fame WKC

Westminster Week Trivia and Watch Party Tips

Category: NewsBite
The 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is in full swing in New York City! The top dogs from around the world are there to compete in their respective agility, obedience, and conformation events over the next four days. Westminster has such a rich history and is one of the most anticipated and prestigious dog sporting events of the year!  more


Dog of the Week!

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