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California Bill Bans Sale of Mill-bred Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits in Pet Stores

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A historical piece of legislation has been passed in California that will have a profound impact on pets and the pet industry. California has passed a bill that will ban the sale of mill-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores, with its enforcement commencing January 1st, 2019. Authored by Assembly member Patrick O’Donnell, the measure is known as AB 485 or the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, and specifies that pet stores in California may carry these animals only if they are sourced from a shelter or rescue group of some kind.  more
Pet Talk: Keeping Fido Safe in the Summer Heat

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Comfortable in Extreme Heat

Category: Health
With a heatwave gripping much of the wrold, it's important to recognize signs of heat stroke in dogs and to have a plan to keep your dog coll and comfortable. Particularly when participating in outdoor activities like walking or running during these high temperatures, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure your pet’s safety. more
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If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

Category: Nutrition
If you have dogs, this could be relevant to you. According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the world's top veterinarians, "canine health, here in America and around the world, is nowhere near where it should be," says Dr. Richter. "And the #1 cause is one thing: Nutrition." According to Richter, some breeds — such as Golden Retrievers — have seen their average lifespans cut nearly in half over the past 30 years. more
1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years?

1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years? Think Again.

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Most dog people are familiar with the stock-standard formula ‘one dog year equals seven human years.’ The problem is this equation was never based on strong scientific research. more

DIY Craft: Braided Dog Collar with Tassel

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Materials ⇒ 5/32-inch thick nylon rope or cotton rope ⇒ 1-inch harness ring ⇒ 2-inch spring snap hook  (harness ring and snap hook available online or at hardware stores) ⇒ Measuring tape ⇒ Scissors ⇒ Lighter or matches more


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