Get Your Dog In The Easter Spirit!

Category: Dog Life
We've found the very best in Easter goodies for your furry friend so the only hunting you need to do is for eggs! From clothes and collars to toys, tags, and treats, your pup will be pampered and prepared for Easter.                          more
Star Dog Winner: Teddy, the Littlest Superhero

Star Dog Winner: Teddy, the Littlest Superhero

Category: Inspire
Little Teddy spent the first seven long years of his life in a wire mesh cage housed in a commercial breeding facility. Until his rescue from a Kansas puppy mill, he had never set foot on grass or known the comfort of a loving touch. Teddy was a breeding dog used to sire pups, a cog in the wheel of a puppy mill churning out the puppies you see in pet store windows. more

“COVID Dogs” in Training to Detect Virus

Category: Dog Training
Can specially-trained dogs sniff out COVID-19 in humans before symptoms appear? That’s what researchers in the United Kingdom want to find out. more
Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog's Grooming Products

Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog's Grooming Products

Category: Health
Skin irritants, cancer causing ingredients… why you should make sure your dog’s grooming products—as well as your own—are eco-friendly   Nicole Rossmo-Rigets started preparing homemade dog food with organic ingredients for her Wheaton Terrier back in the 1980s, and credits the wholesome diet for the pup’s longevity.  more

We're In Love With These Too-cute Patches!

Category: Dog Life
Combining a love of dogs and clever sayings into succinct and witty iron-on patches is self-professed “Pomeranian enthusiast” Kristen Lourie. The Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist and graphic designer designs the humourous and super-cute embroidered patches in her spare time, using her “baby potato dog” Gomez Napoleon for inspiration. more


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