5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

5 Ways to Make it Up to Your Home-Alone Dog

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You work, so you need to leave your dog home alone all day. When you come home, between the chores, paying the bills, and family, you still have a ton of things to do. Sometimes it can feel like poor Fido comes last. Here are five fun ways to make it up to your dog.   1. Did someone say car ride? more
Therapy dogs

The Therapist Has Four Legs

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Before Rodney Kaufman hit his mid-twenties, life was going according to plan. He had been studying to become a chef at top-notch Cordon Bleu culinary schools in London and Paris. Upon returning to Toronto, Ontario, he worked at a couple of high-end restaurants before opening a fine dining establishment, Avant Garde Bistro and Wine Bar, in the Yorkville area of Toronto. more
Four Ways to Stop a Flea Infestation Before it Starts

Four Ways to Stop a Flea Infestation Before it Starts

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#1 Regularly groom and bathe your dog with a natural shampoo formulated for dogs. We like Happy Tails all natural, ec0-friendly, cruelty-free Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo perfect for dogs with dry, itchy skin and allergies. #2 Wash your dog's bedding in hot, soapy water once a week. If your dog spends time on a blanket on the sofa, wash that too. more
Eating Grass-Thumb

Grass Eating: is it something to worry about?

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It’s a common sight for most dog-owners—Fido chowing down on the nearest clump of grass, happy as a pig in mud. While it may be an alarming sight, watching your pup destroy and digest your lawn, dogs eating grass is quite common (it has even been observed in wild dogs!) and most veterinarians consider it perfectly normal dog behaviour. In fact, grass is the most commonly eaten plant by dogs. more

Off Leash Adventures

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Perfect for the dog park or bigger excursions, Dexas’ new line of adventure driven off-leash toys are a must have for all dog owners. Featuring a convenient and innovative integrated clip, the toys quickly connect to the leash, allowing for hands-free transport and easy release when your dog is ready to play. more


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