Baby, It's Cold Outside

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A dog hoodie? Yes please! Help your pup rock his best style with this cozy Bones Dog Hoodie ($30) from Pethaus. Ultra-comfy, this hoodie comes in sizes to fit Chihuahuas all the way up to smaller Huskies and looks pawsome when strutting down the street. more
The Science of Choosing a Dog’s Name

The Science of Choosing a Dog’s Name

Category: Dog Life
You have just picked up your impossibly gorgeous, fall-to-pieces lovable, rambunctious, rollicking, licking, begging, bundle of fur that will soon become your best friend. more
Good = Dog

Good = Dog, the Benefits of Owning a Pet

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A new study shows that the benefits of owning a pet is pet owners are happier and make more morally upstanding decisions than people who have never owned a pet or looked after an animal. When it comes to drinking the last of the milk and putting the empty carton back in the fridge, keeping money found on a shop floor, or walking by someone struggling with a heavy suitcase, it’s more likely to be a person that hasn’t had a pet in their life. more

Oliver: The True Story of a Stolen Dog and the Humans He Brought Together

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Oliver was a perfect companion. A Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix with floppy ears, and big round eyes, he enjoyed car rides, walks and playing with his toys – especially the ones that squeak. Oliver was a godsend in the life of his owner, Steven Carino. more

What's the Difference Between Raw, Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Air Dried Dog Food, Anyway?

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Raw dog food more


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