Dog tell you something

Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You Something?

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Sometimes it is the observation of small, every day behaviours that leads to an increased understanding of how dogs think and behave. I was reminded of this when a friend gave me a gift. It was a boxed set of selected episodes from the “Lassie” television show, which ran from the early 1950s through the mid-1970s, during which a handsome Collie shared adventures with several different families in various settings and situations. more
Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Animals vs. Service Dogs:

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The debate is heated. The rise in Emotional Support Animals—also known as ESAs—has coincided with them making headlines, and not for entirely positive reasons. You’ve probably heard about the peacock on the plane, along with gliding possums, snakes, spiders and more—oh my! Ivana Trump let her miniature Yorkie romp at a posh restaurant, claiming the pup was an ESA. As a dog lover, you may be tempted to think, what’s the big deal? But people with legitimate service dogs and ESAs say untrained dogs with fake certifications are ruining it for everyone. more
4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

Category: Dog Life
1. Adopt, Don’t Shop Make adoption your first option this holiday season! Avoid buying anything from pet stores that sell puppies because most of them come from puppy mills. Instead, search for local adoptable animals. more

Café With a Doggone Good Cause

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Elementary school teacher Katey Hartsock legitimately did not intend to adopt an animal when she surprised her husband with a visit to a new dog rescue and lounge in Washington State.  But of course, that’s exactly what ended up happening. “One of my coworkers got tickets for her birthday but couldn't make it. When we pulled up my husband said, ‘Katey we are not going to get a dog, don’t even start.’” more

The Dr. Dolittle of Pet Prosthetics

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When a veterinarian, desperate for help, brought a chocolate Lab to the human prosthetics and orthotics clinic where Derrick Campana worked 12 years ago, Derrick’s life was changed forever.  The dog, named Charles, needed a prosthetic leg due to a rare congenital deformity called ectrodactyly, which causes limbs to form abnormally. Serving animals was something Derrick had never considered, but he forged ahead nonetheless. After successfully creating a prosthetic leg on the first try, Derrick had a lightbulb moment.  more


Dog of the Week!

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