Thinking About A Vegetable-Based Diet?

Category: Nutrition
There are some really compelling reasons to consider a vegetable-based personal diet, among them the abhorrent practices commonplace in factory farming and the meat industry’s very large environmental impact. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations laid it clear with its statement, “the livestock sector is a major stressor on many ecosystems and on the planet as a whole. more

A True Hero

Category: Dog Life
At first blush, Hooch, a French Mastiff with badly cropped ears, a broken tail, and, shockingly, no tongue, might not seem the usual Hero Dog Award winner, but he’s the brightest dog-spirit you’ll ever encounter. more

Tiny Dog Stories

Category: Dog Life
Family Mantra My husband named him Gunter, not after Gunter Grass, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, but a Springfield, MA bakery. more
Get a Mystery Crate of Geeky Goodies for Your Dog

Get a Mystery Crate of Geeky Goodies for Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
Get your geek on! Loot Crate, a monthly subscription box for geeks and gamers, has introduced Loot Pets, a box just for dogs. If you’re a big a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes, Loot Pets is the perfect way to deck your dog out with nifty pet gear. more

Cool Product Alert: Voyce Activity Monitor

Category: NewsBite
Diligent dog owners (that’s us!) who want to keep track of their dog’s most up to date health information need look no further than the Voyce Health Monitor. What is it? A convenient and comfortable collar that monitors all of your dog’s vital health information, such as resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, distance travelled in a day, calories burned, and quality of rest. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Meeka