The Countdown to Westminster 2017 Is On!

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This year will mark the 141st annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which has been held since 1877. Only the Kentucky Derby has been staged longer—but by just one year. The 2017 show takes place Monday, February 13th and Tuesday February 14th, with Best in Show going down on the Tuesday evening. more

Tiny Dog Stories

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Family Mantra My husband named him Gunter, not after Gunter Grass, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, but a Springfield, MA bakery. more

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

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Thanksgiving is when many people express gratitude for the blessings in life. For many of us, our pets are included in our thoughts of appreciation. Although you may consider Fido a part of the family, there are many reasons why he should not join you at the dinner table for the traditional holiday feast. more

This FBI Member Has Four Legs

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Dogs have evolved by our side for over 30,000 years and have earned the title of “best friends.” They’ve learned to read our moods, and know how to calm us down, says Kerri Rodriguez, graduate researcher at Purdue University’s Centre for the Human-Animal Bond. more

Don’t Call Your Dog! Why You Should Never Call a Stray or Loose Dog

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I know—if your dog has escaped and is running loose or if you encounter a stray, it sounds crazy-stupid when I say, “don’t call the dog.” You’re probably thinking, “but he always comes to me when I call him” or “how will I get the dog to come to me then?” The answer is by calming him and attracting him to come to you, and I will explain how to do so. But first let me explain why calling a dog can cause him to run from you (and when a dog runs, pretty much everyone chases after the dog, which is the worst thing you can do!). more


Dog of the Week!

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Meet: Rio